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Rs. 283769947.51
Get paid faster in 3 easy steps
Compose Email
Start by composing an email in Gmail and attaching an invoice
Click "Hummingbill" Button
From the compose window, click the "Hummingbill" button and enter in the particulars of the invoice. Then hit "Submit"
View Accounts Receivable
Click the new "Accounts Receivable" subfolder in Gmail and automatically track all Pending, Upcoming and Overdue Invoices
Automated Reminders
Aging Reports
Payment Buttons
Track Invoices
Remind Your Clients to Pay
Automatically send reminders before, after and the day invoices are due
Never Lose Track of Payments
Get weekly aging reports automatically delivered to your inbox
Manage Accounts Receivable Right From Gmail
Automatically Track, Sort, Search and Filter: Pending, Upcoming, Overdue, and Paid invoices
Manage Invoices From Your Favorite Tools
Supporting Tally, Excel, Word and Zoho. Look at our FAQ section for more details.

Hummingbill is trusted by both small and large businesses.
Here's what some of our users have to say:

Sridhar Subramanian
Former CFO of Capillary Technologies
"Humming bill is in my view one of the very best in AR management. Is a true friend of the CFO and can make a direct impact on the working capital and DSO"
Siddharth T.C.
Home Fitness Direct
"Hummingbill eases one of the biggest pain points of a small business by ensuring automated, timely reminders & follow ups on pending payments. Additionally, it gives you a snapshot of your cashflow providing instant insight into the general liquidity of your business."
Saket Bardia
CA at Devendra Mehta and Associates
Humming bill is a great product. Helps in getting the payment faster from our clients.
Frequently and no-so-frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Hummingbill replace Tally?
No, Hummingbill picks up where Tally leaves off. Tally neither tracks invoices, generates payment links, nor sends automated reminders to employees nor customers.
2. Then how does Hummingbill fit in?
After an invoice is generated in Tally, most businesses download the invoice as a PDF, then open their Gmail and attach the PDF invoice to email their customer. This is where Hummingbill pickups - once the invoice is attached, Hummingbill pulls the pertinent information of the information and moves it to an "Accounts Receivable" in Gmail.
3. Does Hummingbill support PDF/Word/Excel files?
Yes! even pngs!
4. Do you need a Google business account to use Hummingbill?
Nope! You can use any personal Gmail account and have your business emails sent from, and forward to, your personal Gmail account. Please see the following video for how to send and recieve work emails from your personal Gmail account:
5. Does it work with browsers other than Chrome?
Not yet Firefox, but tell us who you are and we will prioritize this feature and let you be the first to know when it is ready.
6. Does Hummingbill plug into QuickBooksOnline?
Not yet, but tell us who you are and we will prioritize this feature and let you be the first to know when it is ready.
7. Does it work with email clients other than Gmail?
Not yet, but tell us who you are and we will prioritize this feature and let you be the first to know when it is ready.
8. Does Hummingbill charge for the payment gateway?
No. Hummingbill charges nothing for payment gateway integration. Presently Hummingbill integrates with Instamojo, but as soon as there is a request for Citrus Payments and/or PayU, we will build the integration within a week. These payment gateways generatlly charge 2-2.5% per transaction.
9. Automated reminders could appear rude to our clients, right?
You are right - that is why we designed Hummingbill to send the most cordial, gentle reminders possible. That said: You can always turn off automated reminders. You can customize the text and reduce the frequency of reminders at any time: "Every X days after the invoice is overdue". & Reminders to clients are sent using "hello@hummingbill". By having this third-party send reminders, your clients will realize that these reminders are automated and the risk of them getting irritated directly toward your business is greatly reduced.
10. What is your data security policy?
Our Terms & Conditions are that we know: who is your customer; what is the amount due; the due date of the invoice; and when your client made the payment. We do not know: the details of your invoice i.e. the particular good or services sold, and their particular prices.